Thursday, 19 September 2013

Happy Birthday, Tom…

My little (read giant) son is 23 today!

His birthday gifts have arrived in Kagoshima courtesy of FedEx. Nothing very exciting, although with his new bike – being specially constructed in giant size (compared to Japanese proportions) and cycling jersey he will be giving Sir Bradley Wiggins a run for his money. Assuming he can get the cycling shoes and a cycle helmet to fit!


If it has managed to pass through customs un-confiscated (is this a word?) he can expect a cake and some other goodies including his favourite shower gel and shampoo – I had 8kg to fill so filled it to within 49g! His little car will probably be the only one on his island with an Aston Villa car sticker and water bottle filled with wine gums!.

He is loving his time in Japan and working hard although the heat and humidity in his region is hard to get used to. He’s made friends and the people in his village have been very kind and generous.

He’s changed a bit over the years but still likes to pose. This photograph is one of our favourite ones of Rhiannon and Tom together. They were putting on a dance show around 20 years ago. The quality isn’t brilliant as this is an image photographed with an iphone. Rhiannon is wearing one of my old dresses and Tom is wearing one of Rhiannon’s ballet outfits. I love the red wellies!




Anyway, click on the link below….



  1. There really is nothing nicer than getting a package from home. I hadn't even thought about the need for bigger bicycles. When I was in Japan, I found it impossible to get clothes and shoes. At five foot two, with size five feet and size 10 clothes, you'd have thought I'd have had half a chance, but even I was some kind of super-size giant!

    1. Shoes are pretty much impossible for him to get but T-shirts are OK. Where in Japan were you based?

  2. What lovely photos! I hope your packages arrive more safely than ours to our son in Italy! One year my husband made the mistake of putting 50 Euros in a birthday card. Would you believe that he got the card but the money was gone! Nice to know thieves can be so thoughtful!

    1. The package arrived safely. It cost £75 for 8kg including insurance. The package was picked up on Friday and delivered to Tom in Japan on Tuesday.
      Overall worth it... I think!

  3. I'm sure Tom will really appreciate the parcel from home! I bet the cake doesn't last long once he gets hold of it.

    I'd never considered the size issue he faces in Japan!

    By the way, your dress is similar to one I made way back and I thought I looked the bees' knees in it! I wore it with a maxi coat which I loved, but I walked back to my flat one day after Uni and found I was trailing an old banana skin in the hem of the coat....Oh how it takes me back!!


    1. I loved that dress... I had it when I was about 20 and wore it (except during pregnancy) until I was about 35.

      Alas it was size 12...

      He loved his parcel. He opened it in front of us via skype!

  4. Hope he has a great day. I've been worrying about that cake arriving in one piece though. Do let us know, won't you?

    1. It arrived! Have written more in my reply to your post.

  5. So pleased to hear the cake arrived...great photos. I never imagined that I would cheer for a Sky team....but aren't they doing well !Jx

  6. Gaynor...
    I've noticed recently that Japan seems to have a weather shortage...
    every time I look at this blog late in the evening...
    the weather in Kagoshima-shi reads "Weather expired"