Sunday, 15 September 2013

The case of the disappearing post and the autumn chutney…

I wrote the post; I inserted the photographs; I even played around with the layout in Windows Live Writer. However, my downfall was that I didn’t publish immediately because I wanted to use my portable hard drive to check whether I’d already word processed the recipe – which I hadn’t.


I got sidetracked and decided to make some ‘autumn’ chutney. As sure as night follows day my computer decided to shut down and took with it the unsaved post of my version of croissant and butter pudding. It will teach me in future to save into draft form – something I am constantly advising the kids at school to do and am totally unsympathetic when they lose their work!

To cap it all I think my chutney could possibly have ‘caught’. I couldn’t detect any burnt taste, but the base of the pan sure shows the signs. This is AFTER an overnight soak…


A few of the eleven jars of, as yet unlabelled, autumn chutney.


Today my tech support is at Oakham school in Rutland teaching some of the brightest kids from all over the UK. The Arkwright Scholarships Trust identifies, inspires and nurtures talent in engineering and related areas of design. Students are supported by a diverse group of commercial companies, trade associations, universities, professional institutions, charitable trusts, armed services and personal donors. Their aim is to further the very best engineering talent and to improve the life chances of high-potential school students, whatever their educational background.

P.S. Not a word to Tim. It’s better he think that any ‘burnt’ taste that develops is due to my secret ingredient… red grapefruit.

P.P.S Autumn chutney is so named because it contains just about everything from my fruit bowl, vegetable rack and store cupboard that needed to be used up!


  1. Autumn chutney sounds like a good idea but I am impatient and expect it to cook in minutes!! I do not often lose work on the computer, but yes I am also guilty on the odd occasion of walking away and not saving!! Have a good week Diane

    1. It is a good way to use up bits in a large mix.

  2. Okay, I promise not to tell (sshhhh) but have to tell YOU that I've had that happen to one of my pots recently. After several days of soaking, each day refilling with hot soapy water, I ended up having to SCRUB - and I HATE scrubbing pots! lol Have a great week at school. I'm back tutoring now.

    1. Thanks, Leslie. You too with your tutoring.

      Ultimately Tim will probably be the one to apply 'elbow grease' to cleaning the pan!! ;o)

  3. Your tech support is at my old school :-)

    If you can't taste it no harm done excepting the hassle of scrubbing the pot. A job I loathe!

    1. I hadn't realised you went to Oakham. Tim said it was good mix of old a new. They have a new high tech technology centre, are demolishing the old cricket pavilion and building a new one and building a £30million music centre. Progress...

      Tech support will soon be turning his elbow to the pan! ;o)

  4. Gaynor...
    buy some real washing up soda next time you are over here!!
    Or I'll get some for you to pick up....
    It works wonders...
    far better than any UK stuff [that is meant to be the same]...
    it is real crystals that disolve instantly in boiling water.

    I do it all the time....
    [being male I cannot multitask & I am easily distracted]...
    also, once you have some in the house...
    Sod's Law dictates that you will never, ever burn a pan again!!

    1. Thanks for the tip. I'll mention it to Tim ..... ;o)

  5. Ignoring any possible burnt flavour, your chutney in its raw and cooked states absolutely LOOKS the part and deserves its lovely name. The only thing I tend to burn is the coffee when I forget to turn the heat off when its done - I always deny it. From now on, I'll tell FR it must be the red grapefruit I added...