Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The calm before the storm…

I’m back at school after the long summer break. I’d like to write that the break wasn’t quite long enough, but I’d probably run the risk of offending readers who aren’t ‘lucky’ enough to be teachers!! ;o))

I’d thought the summer would bring with it more time to blog. In fact the opposite happened, but we have built up a stock of photographs which tell the tale of our summer.

Here goes…




These photographs were taken as we walked Maisie and Lucy along the Trent and Mersey canal at about 6.20am. About half a mile further on we came across this..


A flock of sheep had found their way onto the main railway line. Unusually we didn’t have a mobile with us, so we had to hurry home to telephone the police to inform them. Large intercity trains run along this line and we were very concerned that there might be an accident.

Fortunately there wasn’t, due in part to the fact that fewer trains run that early in the morning.


  1. Now that we are taking longer holidays......
    In fact that's not quite the case because Nick is working from home in France and I am retired so I tend to be just living here rather than "on holiday". I do wonder how I ever managed to work flat out for more than 40 years with never more than two weeks off work to recharge the batteries. No wonder mine were getting a bit flat!
    I don't think it matters so much what you do on holiday - the fact that it's a break from the routine at work is the thing. I often used to arrive back at work pretty tired and ready for another holiday but it didn't take long for the daily grind to grind me down even further.

    1. 40+ years.... my batteries are certainly 'on the blink' after just 34!!

  2. Since I stopped working on Fridays my 'long weekends' always seem like short vacatiosn. Unfortunately too short though to visit my favourite region in France :) Glad you enjoyed your French holiday!! Martine

    1. Hi Martine,
      My timetable is really good this year. I work just under 3 days a week but that means all day Monday and just the mornings on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
      I can see why you enjoy your 'long weekend'. The trick is to make the most of it...

  3. I don't think it matters how long our holidays are, they always seem to fly by.
    How strange that there aren't measures in place to stop the sheep, or were they just too clever for their own good?

  4. We can't work out where they came from as there aren't any sheep fields close to the line. Where we saw them the canal is on one side and the A51 on the other!

  5. It will come as no consolation for me to tell you that as the 2and a half months of summer holiday comes to an end in our house - it's STILL not long enough. We all prefer being at home and doing just as we please than having to drag ourselves out of bed at 7am. (Though I shall shamelessly sneak back on somedays after the school bus leaves with my children on it!)
    Your photos are beautiful and evocative - and very glad to know those silly sheep didn't come to any harm!
    There is still a pleasure in the start of a new term...isn't there?

    1. ... and we are constantly being told that the UK are falling behind the rest of the world because our 6 week holidays are too long!!

      Hope the new term goes well for the family.x

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing photos from all your summer adventures. I feel a little odd, being here in France, with daughter Jess starting her teacher training course this week. Knowing that her life will continue to be governed by school holidays is strange, having completely given up such constraints some years ago. There is a definite rhythm to academic that the rest of the world doesn't really recognise, or at least, can only vaguely remember from their own school days.
    I hope you have a good term. Jx

    1. Hi Janice,

      There is that definite rhythm alright, but actually I don’t mind it so very much.

      I’m pleased that Jess has decided on teacher training. The UK needs good teachers to replace those of us who’ve reached or are nearing the end of their careers. I think that teaching will also be Tom’s chosen career. The apple doesn’t fall far… x