Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Trouble reading blogs...

I'm having trouble viewing any blogs other than the very last post from the most recent blog.

Any ideas?

Apologies if you think I've deserted you. I just can't access your blog or post.


  1. I have the same problem.... I suspect Google have googled it again!!! See you soon!! C

    1. Thought so! At least I know that it isn't just me.

      Hope all is well x

  2. This post isn't displaying properly, either....
    the picture goes right across, under the blurb on the righthand side.

    Have you cleared your cache recently?
    Pauline had trouble with BBC iPlayer and The Archers...
    someone in the BBC "Comunity" suggested clearing the cache....
    The Archers are now continuing their everyday story!!!

    1. I think the oversized pic is because is posted it using the blogger app on my iPad and it wouldn't let me resize.

      I'll look into the cache when my resident iT technician gets home from work!


  3. I'm having the same problem and assume Google have changed something. I can't work out how to fix it anyway.

  4. Had the same problem yesterday. But this morning blogger is back to its old usual self :). Enjoy your blog reading! Martine

  5. Hello Gaynor:

    We too experienced the same problem for several days. Happily 'normal service' appears to have been resumed this morning.

  6. Hopefully you are back to normal now. We had the same problem but normal service has resumed ...
    ..... although saying that I've just noticed that the blog list at the side of our page isn't showing most recent posts, but those of yesterday and 'refreshing' the page hasn't helped ...