Tuesday, 13 January 2015

E day…

Embroidery day. I was persuaded to sign up for a free motion machine embroidery course run by Jo Hill, a very talented local textile artist. Now anyone who knows me will probably agree that I have the creativity of a gnat and the sewing skills of a nanognat.

Undaunted, I dug out my old Brother sewing machine which we bought in 1983 for £239. Amazingly we paid less than one hundred times more for our house!! I gather that it is now possible to buy a very good machine for less than £70. In fact the darning/free-motion embroidery foot cost £12.95. All that remained was for my resident sewing machine mechanic to service the machine, to blag assorted bits of fabric from friends, have a quick practise using the foot, and I was ready to turn up at Tixall Village Hall full of hope and trepidation.


I thoroughly enjoyed the day, although it must be said, that with the creativity of a gnat and the sewing skills of a nanognat, it wasn’t always easy! My friends were all very helpful and supportive towards each other. These are the same group of friends that I walk with every Tuesday. Some are very talented and artistic.


As you can see we are all of a certain age!




Our work…


Some lovely pieces. My favourite is bottom right, simple with lots of the free motion embroidery for the plants and the barbed wire. Needless to say it isn’t my work! Well done, Sue M.

Which do you think is mine?

Well, this is it. One of those times when I wouldn’t recommend you enlarge the pic!


Not so Q.E.D…


  1. Looks great to me BUT the expert has gone out for her second girls night out this week and its not doing embroidery!! I also like the Robin on the barbed wire... Col

    1. And it's only Tuesday!

      At least it's an improvement on the little flower I showed you on Saturday.

  2. I agree, your's looks fantastic. Which I could do that x

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm going to try a larger bird one next. Watch this space...

  3. Well done!
    It looks great to me but the important thing is that you went and you enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks, Jean.
      I did enjoy the day and moreover it kept me busy. The six hours flew by with no chance to unpick so it is what it is!!

  4. It's gorgeous, Gaynor! What an achievement! You must feel really pleased at your results. And before you ask, ....No, I haven't been drinking. (See Cols comment!) Stone sober; it's LOVELY!

    1. I wouldn't put it on my wall, but neither will I bin it. Next time I'm going to try the robin embroidery.

  5. Hello Gaynor ..I think yours is brilliant ..not sure I could do that. Well done and you had a great few hours out too!!!:-)

  6. Believe me, Anne, you could do this. Mine is rather juvenile but it is a start!! I think I need to practise straight sewing or not use such a contrasting thread colour. With the embroidery foot the 'feed dogs' are lowered so you have to move the fabric in all directions at a speed which coincides with the pedal speed, whilst keeping the fabric taut. The slightest hesitation leads to a bobble.
    If you have a machine have a go,

  7. "As you can see we are all of a certain age!"....
    but isn't that when we are meant to be able to get down to all the things we've been hankering after doing all these years...
    but other responsibilities came first.
    Now you can really get going...
    my mother used to scrounge fabrics for patchwork / aplique from the local charity shops...
    just asked for a bin bag full of what they couldn't put on the shelves...
    her other main source was the clothing at jumble sales...
    but they do expect you to pay for some of that tat!
    You could try Emmaus over here for clothing/fabrics by the kilo!?
    My favourite of those squares is the oystercatcher, top left...
    but the robin is nice, too!
    yours says CCC to me!

    And the little "weavver-widgitt" on my right is telling porkies again...
    says it is raining chez-vous...
    and six Centipedes.
    It is, in fact, blue sky with the sun rising and seven Centipedes....
    but we have a lot of rain over-night and showers to come!
    The river runneth café-au-lait!!

  8. You are a busy bee!!! And the result of your efforts is amazing. Soon your embroidery skills will be as good as your baking skills. Looking forward to some more of your creations. Have fun! Martine

  9. Well done....I am so impressed. I note your comment about sewing machine prices.. I paid an arm and a leg for mine ( the one that lives in England)in the early 90s....and hardly anything for the one I bought in France last year...and I enjoy using the cheap one more . I am now very tempted to have a go at those embroidery bits I have always ignored. Such hidden talent Gaynor...wonderful. Jx

  10. Ha ha it looks like you had a good time, none the less. A new sewing machine for £70!!!!! I have just had mine serviced here and it cost just over €100!!!! Next time I will just buy a new one. Have a good day Diane

  11. Well, I think it's all very well done, Gaynor! Like anything else, the more you do, the better you'll get -- you already sound more confident about the next project -- and so you should.