Sunday, 18 January 2015

Every day is a special day...

Until I become the 'mother of the bride' at the wedding of Rhiannon and Stuart at The Ashes, Endon, near Leek.

Exciting times ahead, and counting...:o))


  1. It seems a long way off but no doubt it will be here before you know it.
    Exciting !!
    Hopefully lots of fun too - although many people I know have spent days, even weeks, anguishing over things like which colour of confetti to buy - to match the brides dress, the bridesmaids or the men's ties.........

  2. As long as you've left time to order a bulk pack of tissues you'll be fine!!!

    Enjoy all the preparations; it's a wonderful time in yours and Rhiannon and Stuart's life. xx


  3. Courage!! You have less than 6 months to find the right hat! ;-)

  4. I am sure the time will gallop by, but time to get everything organised. Enjoy the time while you can, Diane

  5. Yes I am sure time will fly by , but I don't want you to wish your life away..!! i thought it was this year but no it is next year .. my niece is getting married September 2016 and her part-time job (she has a full time one too) is a Wedding planner , so you can just imagine ... driving us potty .. LOL take care and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today.