Monday, 2 February 2015

Snow on snow...

It has snowed almost non stop since we arrived in Switzerland on Saturday morning. This is the scene out of our chalet window this morning.

A few minutes later...

Sunshine on Lac Leman with the Memises mountains in the background. Where you can se the bank of cloud is the small Chablais village of Thollon-les-Memises where we used to have our apartment.

I haven't haven't ventured out on my skis yet, but Tim and Stephen braved yesterday's blizzards. They look very happy to have escaped their wives!

Tomorrow some sunshine and blue skies are forecast :o) Watch this space...

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  1. Hello Gaynor,

    That certainly looks like a lot of snow.

    We are bereft. Not even a light sprinkling of the white stuff here.......

  2. Apparantly it is a very good year for snow in the Alps! Last night my son got back from Austria, where it had been snowing most of the week. In fact last night his plane from Munich was delayed an hour because just before takeoff the plane was hit by a sudden snowstorm and had to be de-iced! (Sigh) Great atmospheric pictures, Gaynor!

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  4. Lovely photos. We had snow all day Friday but we braved the slopes and had fun in the powder. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and get on those skis :) x

  5. I have to say, Tim does look rather delighted to be "off the lead"!
    Lovely photos. Sometimes I miss the skiing holidays, but I'm glad to have the memories of them.

  6. Never mind logging on or blogging on .... get out there in that snow and light, skis and shoes and woops ... can't resist... Let it snow,snow.snow so that you can slide, slide, slide....... Woops and ENJOY!!!!!