Monday, 19 September 2011

21 today ..........

Tom is 21 today, and he can now legally buy a drink in Colorado! This will be the first birthday that we haven't shared with him in person, but we will join him virtually, via skype, this evening.

Twenty one years have gone by so quickly, so just to remind us, a few carefully chosen photographs. I looked everywhere for the one in the red polka dot dress and wellies, but I think Tom must have hidden it!

An early cycling helmet! Do you think it will catch on?

Is this where he got his obsession with wearing slippers?

With Rhiannon checking the peaches are sweet!

Trying an ancient tomb for size!

Finding his ski legs!

At the top of the world!

Under 15 English schools cricket finalists - and runners up!

Tom and Ben dressed for whitewater rafting!

With his guitar.

Pausing for thought!

Is Tom in the buggy with Neil Armstrong?

With housemates at Lancaster.

In India ....

A Boulder sunrise .....



  1. Happy Birthday Boy! :o)

  2. Happy 21st Tom. I want they cycling helmet!!! Diane

  3. Happy Birthday Tom. What a lovely way of paying a tribute to your son on his 21st Gaynor.

  4. Hi Lindy,

    Thank you for your comment about Tom’s birthday photographs.
    It was done with Tom in mind, so that he would know that we were thinking about him on his special day.

    He is having a wonderful time at the University of Colorado in Boulder, has made friends from all over the world and his exploits are well documented on facebook!

    I just hope he still wants to come home, next June …….

  5. Diane,

    I think it might still be in the loft of the garage .....

  6. Girl,

    Thank you!

    Love from Boy x

    (it's an 'in joke' between Boy and Girl!)