Thursday, 22 September 2011

Where's Wally?

I’ve now been back at work for nearly three weeks, and life is incredibly busy. I have to work flat out during term time, in order to make the most my holidays in France. I expect I’m not alone in this, but it is worth it! 

I also know that many readers who are retired are now so busy that they wonder wherever they found the time to hold down a regular job as well.

Like many of you I'm waiting with a certain amount of trepidation to see the final Government proposals on changes to the pension system.

Anyway, perhaps when you look at this photograph of the picturesque château at Le Châtelier, you will find the time to spot Wally …………………


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    We know only too well the rigours of school life and the frenetic pace with which each term progresses. Still, we like to think of you looking at photographs such as the one you show here and feel that your efforts have a real purpose.

    We read with dismay about the government's proposals and do so hope that you will be able to realise your dreams as you have planned.

  2. Now I was looking for Wally the kangaroo but I see someone in red so perhaps that is Wally!! Don't overdo it, just dream of being in France full time :)) Diane