Monday, 5 September 2011

Monday music, my virtual jukebox ....

I’m back at work and in teacher mode. Use today’s virtual jukebox to learn something about space …

Thanks to Finlarg, via YouTube


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    We commiserate that you are once again back at the chalkface. But, what a fun little ditty to start the astronomical term!! Happy New Academic Year!!

  2. My laptop almost played all of this with only a few hiccups. Love it what fun. Sorry you are back at work.
    I have been on a Freddie Mercury day today, celebrating what would have been his 65th. Love him after seeing him live I Africa. Hope the term goes quickly :-) Diane

  3. That was fun! Thanks teacher!

  4. What fun that was... Happy teaching... Soon be half term!

  5. Glad you liked it and I hope you've learned something new.

    My kids at school like it too. We have the words and sing along as a class with me leading the singing. If you have ever heard me sing you'll know what a treat for the ears that is!! I've even been known to entertain OFSTED.

    I always try to convince my classes that Simon Cowell has asked me to audition for X Factor, but I'm too busy with my marking. Some believe, others humour me ....

    Of course, I do have to remember to turn the volume down to eliminate the 'swear words'!!!