Saturday, 8 October 2011

And we were singing, hymns and arias .......

What a brilliant win for Wales. Well done to the boys.
Semi-finals here we come!
What remains to be seen at the time of posting is whether we will play France or England......... Allez les Bleus

A wonderful birthday present for me!

My friend Janet also has her birthday today, although she is a few years younger. Nevertheless I have managed to convince Y8 that she's older. Well, how else would she know so much about the Victorians unless she had lived through it!!

We're having a weekend away with our friends Anne and Steve in Milton Keynes. I'll let you know how we get on ........


  1. Happy birthday and many happy returns! Enjoy your weekend, birthday girl!!! Martine

  2. Happy Birthday!! Have a lovely weekend.
    Haha much Scottish cheering chez nous..the French walloped the English. Hurrah!

  3. Happy Birthday, Gaynor! Twenty one is such a good age to be, so enjoy every minute. If you've convinced Y8, you'll convince anyone!! x

  4. Niall and Antoinette,

    Thank you.

    And so say all of us!

  5. Colin and Elizabeth,

    I'm very glad I'm not 21. At 55 I can access my pension, albeit at a massively reduced level.

    At least I can, until the coalition Government change the rules!!!!!

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  7. Happy Birthday! Agree completely about being glad I'm not 21 -- but maybe 21 years younger would be nice!! Yes, at 45 I had a lot more energy and tad more wisdom!!

  8. Happy Birthday to you, have a lovely birthday weekend.

  9. SweetpeainFrance8 October 2011 at 17:21

    Happy Birthday to you.....May the year bring you happiness each day.

  10. Broad, Fire Byrd and Sweetpea,

    Thanks for your good wishes. I've had a lovely day.