Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Autumn in Le Petit-Pressigny ......

Last week I wrote about Autumn in Salt. By contrast, here are some more Autumn pics taken on a 12km walk that Tim and I did around Le Petit-Pressigny on Sunday.  The walk is another one of the series I blogged about in the summer, which you can read here.

How did the bus end up in this spot?
Rhiannon and Ben were helping Ben's parents to dig some footings for steps to a small cottage they are renovating for some extra guest accommodation.
The weather was glorious when we arrived, although very cold at night. In fact the weather was even warm enough to sit on the terrace for aperos, but the instant the sun went down we needed to be inside, near the fire!
Just in the few days we've been here the signs of autumn are now more pronounced; the leaves are more vivid and falling fast!

Today is an anniversary of sorts. It is seven years since we bought our apartment in Thollon les Memises in the Haute Savoie, and two years since we moved out :o( .
Overall we probably made the right move. We love our house in the Touraine and have met some lively, interesting and friendly people who have welcomed us into their lives.

Autumn mist over the Memises, taken the day we bought our apartment.
If only there were mountains ...............


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    How lovely that you have been able to spend some time in your lovely house at Le Petit Pressigny and to enjoy some sunshine, even if it is now only in the middle of the day.

    The countryside all around looks wonderful and we too wondered how the bus arrived at what looks to be its final destination. But those mountains.....!!!

  2. You do have a lovely spot in Le Petit Pressigny and the mountains will always be there for you to visit, which perhaps makes them even more special!

  3. Jane and Lance,
    The countryside is beautiful and life here relaxed and very pleasant. Lovely villages pepper the landscape with come fanrastic chateaux and large houses. It's not that I don't appreciate everything; a little je ne sais quoi is missing!

    Looking forward to reading more about your property search ....

  4. Colin and Elizabeth,

    The spot is lovely (as is yours)and you will have seen exaclty where we are. The taxes and charges on our small 2 bed apartment were double what we pay at LPP, so on that basis alone we can afford a holiday in the mountains every year!

    Plans are already afoot ........

  5. Now just be careful Gaynor if you go throwing yourself down mountains again.... stick to the flat and do some cross-country skiing. You can always slalom down the hill from La Jarrie towards ours for a bit of exitement en-route!! Enjoy your stay!

  6. I would swear there is a double decker also hiding in picture 3!

  7. Tim,
    I might just take you up on that!
    We have a ski holiday booked for Christmas to see if we still have our 'ski legs'!
    Hope both you and Pauline are recovering from your bout of flu.

  8. Jim,
    You could be right! Perhaps the creeper covered summerhouse really is a double decker in disguise ....