Saturday, 1 October 2011

Animals do the funniest things ...........

Espace Animalier de la Haute-Touche is near Obterre, in the Indre (department 36) and  about a 15 minute drive from Le Petit-Pressigny.

The animal and nature reserve of Haute-Touche is a 500 hectare forest in the Brenne National Park. Over 100 hectares is open to the public with more than 100 species of animals from five continents on view - or so the signs say!

If you like animals it is a lovely day out. It is calm and non-commercial, although they do have a restaurant/café and a place to buy ice creams. The Haute-Touche is about seeing the animals in a more natural environment.

The first 20 minutes of the visit is a drive, VERY slowly, along a safari trail with some brilliant photo opportunities along the way. There are also signs with information about some of the species and the conservation work that Haute-Touche is involved in, with zoos and organisations around the world.

A car park is to be found at the end of the safari drive, and close by an area for picnics and a restaurant. Then there are many trails to explore and see the animals in large enclosures and wide open spaces.

I think the entrance fee is about 8€ and Haute-Touche is open every day from (10-6) in May to September (weekends and Wednesdays in April and until the end of November).

Tim, thinking about a money making opportunity. Needless to say we didn't send the video off . Still, it might make a healthy donation to the funds of the amis-hautetouche if the video were to appear on some inane TV programme!

The antics of this ostrich really cheer me up. I think he was trying his best to impress us - or see us off!

We had a fantastic afternoon – so much so that I visited with two sets of our summer visitors within the space of a week!

The Chateau at Azay-le-Ferron is very close by and well worth a visit. More about this at another time……


  1. Haha!! I forgot about the flirtatious ostrich!! :o)

  2. After living in Africa I find game parks a bit strange. They do an amazing job though of breeding endangered animals so I am happy to see them around. Have a good weekend. Diane

  3. Hello Gaynor:
    This sounds to be a wonderful place to visit and to see animals, and birds, in a natural environment, or as close as it is possible to make it. And so good to have it as somewhere a little different to take visiting friends.

  4. What did you do to put that poor ostrich in such a state? Looks to me like it is performing a mating dance! LOL!

  5. I agree with Ladybird, Gaynor.... what were you or Tim wearing?

    WV is "laliphop"... what the ostrich is doing... laliphopping around!!

  6. Hello Gaynor,
    Thanks for leaving the message on my blog about the books I've read this last month. I laughed at the 'are you sure you're not me' comment! Definitely sure... last time I looked we didn't go to France and I definitely didn't have 'empty nest' syndrome twenty odd years ago when my two sons went their merry way! Sighs of relief all round would be more to the point!