Sunday, 16 October 2011

Autumn in Salt .....

Autumn has well and truly arrived here in Salt. The Virginia Creeper that covers a wall on the garage started to ‘turn’ a couple of weeks ago and has been this lovely rich colour for a while. It won’t be long before the leaves are lost completely.

The front driveway is covered with acorns. I think we need to import some of the red squirrels and pine martens from our garden in France to ‘hoover’ them up for us. There are a couple of grey squirrels in the large oak tree but they appear to have small appetites and are averse to working overtime!

One consequence of Tom being in the Boulder is that since we have Tom’s car here, we can put Tim’s mid-life crisis to bed for the winter. We (well if I’m honest, mostly Tim) spent yesterday cleaning and polishing it to showroom standard, and it is now in the garage covered by a specially made hoisted cover, lest any speck of dust dare to fall on it!

Whilst we were at it Tom’s car got the same treatment, and very smart it looks too. I love driving the polo and will probably use it for work. However, it doesn’t have heated seats, so in the very cold weather I might need to think again!

Other signs of Autumn are visible all around, and we need to make the most of the lovely weather before it gets truly autumnal. On Friday evening we were cold in bed, and needed to not only change the duvet, but also put the central heating on.

A windfall of apples and pears ……

The roses are still blooming beautifully, better than they were in the summer.

 The early morning moon, …….


  1. Love the last picture. We have definitely been blessed with lovely weather the last couple of days so the world has taken on a lovely sparkle in the sunshine, bit like that car!

  2. But it is a very pretty mid-life crisis ;-). Our Virginia Creeper at the corner of the barn is in the last throes of the gorgeous flame red stage.
    Looks like the weather is going to turn very cold just when we come over to the UK...sigh.

  3. Oh no! Not the winter duvet!! That really is depressing!