Saturday, 16 June 2012

Angles-sur l'Anglin...

I’ve posted about Angles before as it’s one of my favourite places to visit whenever we're at Le Pre Vert. Angles is in the neighbouring Vienne. You can read the posts and view some of the wonderful sights here and here

A couple of weeks ago I made a flying visit to catch up with a friend who is in the midst of revovating a beautiful home there. It is an ongoing labour of love, but such a lot has been accomplished and the outcome is stunning. 

Before tea we took a stroll around the village where there is always something new to see.

Tim didn't come with me this time because when we are in France he still has to work, but I know he is keen to see the progress.

Luckily for Tim, I came home with a 'doggy bag' of cakes for him to enjoy...


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    It is always amazing what there is to see in any place if one takes the time and trouble, as you clearly do, to look with care. The renovation of a house being carried out by your friend sounds most exciting.

  2. Hey, I was there just yesterday, visiting a friend who is renovating a house - with much good taste and sensitivity. She agonised over the purchase, but I can see why this house was 'the one'. It is always a pleasure to visit Angles.

  3. I've been to Angles just once, in 2008, but I really loved the place. I use a photo of the bridge and the castle that I shot then as a screensaver. Btw, is that Tim painting? Martine

  4. It is such a wonderful place, isn't it? It seems like only yesterday I was there but it is probably around 15 years ago - how time flies. It looks just the same in your pictures, which is rather reassuring. Axxx

  5. Angles is magnificent, we stopped there going and returning on out recent visit. I will also at some stage do a post on it. Diane

  6. It is amazing how renovations can transform a home and Angles looks like a lovely place to live.

    1. I think it would be lovely. It's quite difficult to find a house for sale and those that are are often overpriced, but I suppose it's a case of 'location, location, location'!

  7. It sounds like you are happy to be back in France and soaking up the atmosphere, this is how your post comes across to me. :)