Saturday, 30 June 2012

A lucky escape ...

The Murray match is scheduled for later than we were expecting so we decided to go for a walk. The sky looked a little ominous but we decided that this is the kind of summer that if we waited for good weather we probably wouldn’t ever do anything!

The sky as we set out …

The cows were lying down, always a bad sign …

The gathering gloom …

Minutes after we arrived home …

It hasn't stopped raining since! Lucky or what?

P.S. Fish pie for supper - real comfort food with a glass to two of sparkles as we watch Andy Murray play.

I hope he's lucky too ...


  1. and the game was suspended so you still have to wait until tomorrow :( Glad you got home dry. Enjoy the rest of the game tomorrow. Diane

    1. They came back after the roof was closed and played until 11.02 (UK time).

      Murray won!

  2. So much for declaring a drought in UK - is there still a hosepipe ban?

  3. You should have been here on Thursday. For an hour, I've never seen rain like it. Our flat roofed 1970's school sprung leaks everywhere!

    The hosepipe ban is no more! It's rained most days since the end of March, although it was a dry winter.

    The weather patterns of the world have gone mad ...

  4. I wish it would rain here too, it might cool the temperature. I was watching the squirrels – they were lying not moving just looking around as they were so warm. It could get cooler soon – today it was 114 degrees F or almost 45 degrees Centigrades. By the way what is a fish pie? That does sound good.

    1. The weather is never quite as we would like it to be. In the UK last winter was very dry and in March we had the hottest recorded temperatures.A hosepipe ban was ordered for many areas of the UK as water stocks were low.

      Since then the weather has been very mixed, but, for the time of year, cool and rainy at a time when we would expect/like warm and sunny.

      On Thursday nearly 40mm of rain fell in just over an hour so there were flash floods in many areas.

      I actually don't envy you your very high temperatures but a bit of sunshine here would be nice. Although the temperatures in France, where we have our other home, are better the weather still isn't as would be expected for the time of year.

      My son has just returned to the UK after a year studying at the University of Colorado at Boulder and his friends are sending him photographs of the forest and mountain fires.

      In the light of this perhaps a little rain isn't so bad after all ...

    2. P.S. A fish pie can take many forms but the one I cooked last night had fish (I used cod, salmon, smoked haddock and large prawns) cooked in tomatoes and herbs, covered with a light wenesleydale (a kind of cheese)sauce and sweet potato mash. Served with green beans.

      This would normally be winter food ...

  5. The photo of the cows reminds me of an old and very silly joke. You should of course spring it on a unsuspecting person, so this may not be the right time or place ;).
    Glad Murray won! As for the ladies, I hope our Kim can confirm her comeback, despite her muscle injury. Martine

  6. I did think of your son when I heard about the Colorado Springs fires..I hope any of his freinds still out there are ok.
    Weather extremes are actually frightening aren't they ? So when we Brits, who are actually not used to such things, actually experience a months rain in an hour, it comes as a bit of a shock. Weather here in south of France has been beautiful, but a little cooler today, thankfully. Anyway, glad you missed the downpour and glad you got to see Murray too. J.

  7. The Centre Court roof is proving its' worth this year.

  8. How do you make a fish pie? Never heard of making a fish pie