Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What DID the chaffinch say to the woodpecker?

When we arrived home on Sunday afternoon we were greeted by a couple of ‘friends’ vying for position in the old oak tree outside our front gate.

Can you detect a change in their 'body language'?

Tim quickly unpacked his camera and took some photographs but it’s a pity we didn’t video so that you could see and hear the racket they were making ….


  1. What fabulous photos....I love them. It must have made coming home feel much better. J

  2. How lucky you are to see them both together like that. That bottom photo looks like they are both fed up and not talking to each other LOL. Diane

  3. "I hear you knockin'... but you can't come in!" springs to mind...

  4. Great photos. I am declaring all out war on our two woodpeckers... We saw them yesterday looking at our hazelnut tree... Which to my surprise is loaded with nuts.