Sunday, 3 June 2012

Red, white and blue muffins ...

…..or who burned the cakes?
On Thursday we had a special afternoon with our classes, during which we could do anything with a Jubilee focus to ‘entertain’ our students. I got in quick and booked the food room as I had a fancy to do some baking with my Y8 class. We discussed all sorts and eventually decided on the red, white and blue muffins, Jubilee theme decorated gingerbread men and a decorated box to take them home in. Tim made the net for the box and some stickers to hold the box closed.
The muffins included red cherries, blue blueberries and white chocolate.

All went well as I demonstrated the recipe, but unfortunately I chose to use one of the ovens which according to Jake, ‘plays up’. It’s a pity he didn’t say this before …
Two sets of muffins, guess which ones are mine?

The afternoon was hectic and I have loads of great photographs of my students at work, but unfortunately I don’t want to run the risk of being caught up in and child protection controversy. However, my TA Helen is fair game!

The afternoon just wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Helen and Dee, who did much more than their fair share of the clearing up. They also wanted to give me their perfect muffins. We compromised, sharing the perfect ones. Tom likes muffins and I knew he wouldn't mind eating the charred ones.
This is my recipe - sorry it's just a photograph, the original is sitting on my home PC.
I forgot to write that you add the sugar with the flour!

And finally, my headgear for the day…


  1. WOT no picture of you wearing the headgear!!! It's a brave woman who stands in front of a class of Yr 8 and lets them loose on a recipe - particularly one involving quantities of bi-carb and baking powder! Full marks!!

    And for the record - I don't think you'd suit the name Alfred!!

    1. As a science teacher bicarb and baking powder are the tools of my trade, although we don't usually eat the products!

      I think there will be a sneaky photo or two of me on the school camera. Note to self: must check and delete any incriminating ones!