Tuesday, 24 December 2013

An early Christmas present…

IMG_2670_640x427 2

This present means a great deal to me. These delicious cupcakes were made by O. O is one of my students who is unfortunately suffering from leukaemia. She is too ill during certain times in her treatment cycle to manage to get to school, but when she does she is invariably cheerful and always tries her very best.

IMG_2672_640x427 The cakes got slightly battered on their journey to the Alps, but they tasted superb.

I make sure that her book is up to date because she worries that she is falling behind. It pleases her that I stick in information sheets and fill in worksheets. I draw diagrams and get other pupils in the group to print off copies of their work for O.

Of course O has much bigger battles to fight but she found the time and the energy to make and wrap these wonderful cakes to thank me for teaching her. She wasn’t well enough to be in school on the last day, but Mum brought in the cakes. It is humbling that in the midst of the fight against this awful disease they are thinking of others.

Thank you O; I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and a healthy 2014.

SNOW REPORT: No snow falls and a clear day, although with more cloud than yesterday. This afternoon the winds have picked up. The forecast is for some snow tomorrow…


  1. O sounds like a wonderful person to know. Merry Christmas and plenty of snow!

  2. How touching! It makes me sad and happy all at the same time. How courageous ... makes one so humble! Please could you send O best wishes and lots of optimism that she can recover the best that she can....... x