Wednesday 25 December 2013

It’s Christmas…

With our very
best wishes for a happy Christmas,
and a
healthy and peaceful 2014.

Our first ‘selfie’, even the snow!!


  1. Merry Christmas! Watch that Gluhwein - strictly for après-ski. Or cleaning the sink. P.

    1. I'm steering clear of the gluwein! I've brought some sparkles from La Renaudie with me. Had some last year at Montreux Christmas market and I'm sure it gave me flu!! ;o)
      Happy Christmas - enjoy the beer tasting.

  2. Have a good break... but don't break anything!! ;-)

    And Melodious Christmas... [or Yoodleous??] and a fantastic 2014. T

    1. Not much chance of a ski injury although we could always slip whilst walking!!!

      Happy Christmas and good wishes for 2014.

    2. Oh, thanks for the Christmas eeekard...
      loved the clockwork mouse!!

      And I've only just noticed that you now seem to have some snow...
      whereas Tom appears to have rain...
      it is an improvement, tho'...
      normally when I look at your blog the weather system in Japan is broken, non-functioning, annulled, defunct, dead as a parrot!

  3. Beautiful 'selfie' of two great people ...Have a lovely time and a fabulous Christmas! P.S. Did you know that 'selfie' was chosen 'word of the year' in Belgium? :)

  4. Thanks, Walt. Still no new snow and i fear that when it comes there won't be enough to open all of the lifts and runs. Never mind, we are enjoying walking and just getting the mountain 'feel good' factor.

    Happy Christmas to you and Ken. Hope to meet up again in 2014.

  5. Thanks, Martine

    If it is good enough for Barrack Obama, David Cameron and the Danish Prime Minister it's good enough for us.... although I think our circumstances are more appropriate!!

    Best wishes to you and your mother for Christmas, and 2014

  6. Very good selfie - I only learnt the word recently in Le Monde! Best wishes for the New Year and hope to catch up.

  7. Great shot! Hope your day was great!