Thursday, 26 December 2013

Snow at last, and other things…

Yesterday afternoon it started to sleet. By the time we were woken by the snow-plough at 7am this morning, about 10cm of snow had fallen,  and it is still snowing! However, for our holiday it might still be too little, too late.  There needs to be a build up of snow in order for the lifts to open. Yesterday we saw some brave (and fit) souls actually walking up the piste in order to ski back down. Unlike Tim, I am a fair weather skier and like perfect conditions and visibility. The upside is that we’ve saved about £100 a day as we haven’t needed lift passes!

We are in a residential area of Villars, high above the village,  with direct access to the ski piste.

IMG_2864_640x427 From the balcony towards the piste.

IMG_2878_640x427In front of the chalet.

I’m trying to persuade Tim to go for a walk in the snow in order to check out the conditions, and, more importantly, to walk off the indulgences of yesterday.

We enjoyed an ALDI Christmas dinner which I can thoroughly recommend for taste, quality and price.

IMG_0060 A ‘four bird roast’ ( turkey, chicken, duck and goose) with a cranberry and orange glaze…

IMG_0063 Followed by an orange topped Christmas pudding, laced with cider, rum, cognac and sherry. I’m not a big fan of Christmas pudding but this was wonderful…


IMG_0055Washed down by some Bah Humbug ale for Tim, and the delicious La Renaudie pink sparkles for me.

The Aldi mince pies came out best in a taste test, above ones from Fortnum and Mason costing five times more!

I hope you all enjoyed a delicious Christmas meal with family or friends.

Our day was made complete by a two hour conference call  with Rhiannon and Tom, via ‘Go Meeting’, where we opened our presents. Who’da thought it would be possible for a family to video link between the UK, Switzerland and the Japan?



  1. The conference call thing sounds like a good solution when you can't all be together.

    1. Go meeting is very good. Our only problem is flaky wifi in our apartment.

  2. It all looks absolutely fantastic, Gaynor, marred only by lack of skiing....Hope you get a run in (or is that down) before you leave but it does look a lovely way to spend a Christmas together! And ALL together with the assistance of technology.
    Fingers crossed for a perfect end to the year.

    1. Lots more snow today, Annie. Almost half a metre at last look- and still snowing!
      Same to you and your family, although no doubt your celebrations will be subdued, without Darwin.

  3. The 4-fowl dish sounds positively mediaeval! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Day. I know you're not the sort to take risks with the ski slopes!

    1. The fowl was excellent and only £10!

      My days of taking risks on the slopes are long gone!

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas day :-) Vive technology and hope you do get a chance to get some skiing in.

    1. I think you know you're getting old when you sit in wonder about new technology!
      Lots more snow today...

  5. I am not a fan of Christmas dinner .. but had to please my mum in law :-) Yes isn't great how you can all connect . Happy New Year x