Monday, 23 December 2013

Dreaming of a white Christmas…

We’ve arrived in Switzerland at the beautiful mountain village of Villars–sur-Ollon, to celebrate a white Christmas. The only things missing are our children, Rhiannon and Tom, and snow! Although much of the village is white, there isn’t enough of the cold, white stuff to open the many ski lifts and runs. However the compensation is that we have wonderful, blue skies and non-stop sunshine from dawn until dusk.

At the moment the lack of skiing isn’t bothering us too much as we are enjoying walking in the sunshine. On Christmas eve we plan a long walk up the mountain to make the most of the spectacular mountain views. As is the case in mountain villages every walk consists of walking uphill and then down, or if we go to the village from our apartment it’s a case of downhill and then up – we much prefer the former!!

We’ve had a very busy time with end of term activities, and preparing the Old School for Corsican friends of our neighbours to stay in over Christmas. This was a far bigger job than we’d imagined it would be. The best I can say is that we are well on the way to de-cluttering, but more about it in a future post.

Villars is a beautiful place. In fact five years ago we very nearly bought an apartment here.

Villars in the summer (2008)…




Villars in the winter…


IMG_2781 zoom

IMG_2782 zoom

Our apartment. We have two balconies facing south and to the mountains. On one you can just see some blue chair covers, and the other is down and to the right.


The apartment block even comes with it’s own nuclear bunker!


So, as we head towards Christmas eve the big question is…


Watch this space…


  1. I think there may be snow on the way rather too rapidly for comfort... have a lovely holiday and an excellent Christmas! P+T

  2. Have a wonderful holiday with or without snow, although I know you yearn to ski. Make sure you take a toddy to warm those fantastic sky-high views. Much festive love from RestlessinFrancex