Friday, 20 May 2011

A gentle stroll from Le Pre Vert..............

Le Petit-Pressigny has two plan d'eau.

In the late afternoon

As dusk begins to fall
One is in the centre of the village, alongside the church and behind the new Maire and Salle de Fetes. This is a lovely area with a few picnic benches, and just the thing for a gentle stroll late in the evening, or when buying bread from the boulangerie.

The other plan d'eau is larger, and  a couple of hundred metres out of the village along the road to Charnizay.

This again has picnic tables and a barbeque.....

a toilet .......

and is a lovely area to enjoy.

You can buy a fishing permit at Le Boin Coin .........

although Ben, my daughters partner did, and didn't catch anything!

From Google images.


  1. It looks idyllic Gaynor. Well done on the excellent photos. You captured the reflections really well.

  2. Looks like a lovely place to have a picnic. Fantastic photos. Diane

  3. I love these plan d'eau in French villages. They make excellent picnic areas, and we've had many a 'riperian' (thank you Hyacinth Bucket for teaching me this word) picnic near one of them in the Loire Valley. Sometimes the tables are in poor repair, though - as you can read in one of my early blog posts (just in case you need a good laugh)

  4. Craig,
    Thank you, but Tim actually took the photographs!
    We'd just bought a new camera so were trying it out.
    Tha day and time of day was also perfect for getting the reflections.
    Best wishes

  5. Diane,

    We haven't had a picnic there, but we did take some refreshments for Ben. perhaps we scared the fish away ......

    Can't take credit for the pics as Tim took them, but I did tell him what I wanted!
    Best wishes

  6. Martine,

    I remember reading about your eventful picnic, but decided I needed a chuckle so read it again. I feel so much better now!!!

  7. Oh, so very pretty, GaynorB!
    I take all the stale bits of bread and such down to our little plan d'eau for the geese. Then take a stroll around the forest walk.
    Thanks for reminding me, I have some quatre-quarts that would be better off sitting in those birds' stomachs than this one!

    Kind regards, Kitty :)

  8. Hi Kitty,
    Good to hear from you. Hope things are picking up.
    What is a quatre-quart?
    Best wishes

  9. Well, Gaynor, living with two children means things are always picking up, or at least I always am! :D

    I found my sense of humour, luckily it hadn't gone too far, just fallen down the sofa cushions. Nearly hoovered it up!

    Quatre-quarts is what we Americans call Pound Cake. It's also a speciality of this region of France (Bretagne.) Take a pound of salted butter, cream with a pound of sugar, add a measured pound of eggs, blend in a pound of flour, bake and then gain pounds if you eat too much. :)

    My Mother used to make it, it's rather lovely.
    (Here's a recipe: )

    Hugs and quiches from Kitty x

  10. Thanks Kitty, je comprends!

  11. Looks like a great area to spend some time.

  12. Hi Jane,
    It is very relaxing. Before we bought this house we had an apartment in the Baute Savoie - breathtaking scenery but not always relaxing!