Friday, 27 May 2011

"Is it me?" and looking forward to a great week............

Blogger is not allowing me to post comments about some blogs, but others will post. It is all to do with entering my password and username. These are correct, but it loses the comment EVERY time. This is VERY FRUSTRATING!

What about you? Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Or in the words of a TOG  "is it me?".

There have been some really interesting posts that I wanted to make a comment on .........

Perhaps I'll have better luck next week!

Anyway, here is a little taster .........

Where am I?

I can't wait for 3.30. My pupils will have their stools up and be lined up ready to leave by 3.29. The bell will ring and I will be out of the door.Tim will be at the top of the school drive, revved up and ready for a quick getaway.

Then we will start our battle with the M6, M6toll, M1, M25, Dartford crossing etc, etc, etc., but it will be worth it! Le Petit-Pressigny, here we come..........


  1. So far no problems commenting, but lets see if it lets me leave this comment for you!
    How exciting... off to France for a break. Drive safely and have a great time.

  2. Go to your sign in page and untick the box saying keep me signed in and then the problem should be resolved.If tht doesn't work just go anonymous and your comments will be published

    Have a lovely break.

  3. Bienvenue Chez Vous! Météo is promising a BRILLIANT week to come with just a dash of rain in our parts (possibly) over the weekend.

    Drive safely, relax and enjoy!

    Hugs and quiches from Kitty xx

  4. How I envy you! I would like to pack my bags and leave for La Touraine too! Have fun and have a drink on me!!!

    Btw, I had trouble posting this comment. I tried it yesterday but it didn't work. I hope I have better luck this time.

  5. Brilliant!
    The 'fix' from Fire Byrd works.......thanks Mandy ;o)

  6. Craig,
    Thanks, we have arrived safely. Traffic last night was horrendous, with long delays at the tunnel as well. In France we just whizzed along...... Well worth the tolls!
    Hope the bank holiday weekend is good for you in Scotland.

  7. Kitty,
    We have just arrived and the sunshine is lovely. Trouble is it shows up the windows that won't get cleaned this holiday either!!
    Hope things are good for you too.... and thanks for your good wishes.

  8. Martine,
    The fizz is chilling in the fridge as I type.....but first a few jobs to do!

    Fire Bird gave a 'fix' above for my 'posting of a comment' problem and it seems to have worked. Fingers crossed that it continues!

    Have a good weekend :o)

  9. I've been having exactly the same problems. Blogger wouldn't let me sign in even to view comments, both before and after changing my password. I also had some slightly weird things with Outlook. Suddenly after about four days I can sign in. Both problems have vanished at the same time - some software problem or other no doubt!

  10. Hi Pauline,
    The fix above from Fire Byrd worked for me. It was very frustrating though>