Monday, 30 May 2011

Monday music .......... my desert island disc collection parts 3 and 4

The tracks I've chosen for today must come to the island with me. Each would, in turn, remind me of my wonderful children, without whom my life would not be complete. Soppy and sentimental and not like me at all!

The first is for Rhiannon.............................

There are so many versions but I think that this version by Stevie Nicks is the best live one. It's just a pity that it was from a solo tour, and not with the rest of Fleetwood Mac. We saw them in concert last year and Lindsey Buckingham's guitar playing was awesome.

Rhiannon has flown the nest and has her own  partner, mortgage, pension plan (whatever that will be worth!!) and two dogs.

I'd also take this with me to remind me of Tom......

This video is about 4 years old and doesn't really reflect the music he plays now, but I like it. His guitar playing is awesome too - Tim, eat your heart out!


  1. Is that your son playing guitar Gaynor?
    He's really good! Very talented.

  2. Craig and Sweetpea,

    Thank you on Tom's behalf!