Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday music .......... my desert island disc collection part 2


Bob Dylan has always been a favourite of mine. We've had  blips in our relationship from time to time, but I still find it hard to forget just how good his music and poetry is.

In 2009 we went to a concert in Birmingham. I was really, really, REALLY excited! A Bob Dylan concert was high on my list of MDBID's.

We were so disappointed! The sound quality wasn't as good as we are used to and unfortunately we looked at the back of Bob's head for all but one number. I remember reading somewhere that Dylan had problems with arthritis, so it is perhaps understandable that he mainly used the key board and only played guitar once. Even some of his classic songs were almost unrecognisable.

However, this is only my opinion and I know that there were thousands of very happy fans there. I think I was expecting something different. Perhaps I'm stuck in the past and Dylan has moved on with his music.
I remember reading in the 70's about a fan uprising (Manchester I think) when his music became more electric than acoustic. I actually enjoy both.

Still,  for me his music is timeless even though has changed constantly over the years. I would be taking some with me to the island. It is difficult to choose one piece - so I'm cheating a bit!

When I was searching  youtube for a video I came across this..............

Now anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not your typical 'rule breaker', but it was nearly impossible to find a clip of a whole Dylan song, apart from this.........

Forever Young

Do you have a favourite Dylan track? 

I would also like to own some of his art work, but even limited prints are really expensive.


  1. Hi Gaynor, I haven't worked out how to send you a message yet, apart from on the bottom of a post. What a shame you're not in France when we are. Maybe next time. I haven't read your blog yet, as I'm run ragged by building works, gardening and packing. But love Bob Dylan especially "You belong to me." Anyway, I'll have a good read later. :)

  2. Hi Geraldine,
    Yes it is a pity, otherwise you could have called in for a drink with your friends. I teach, so am limited to school holidays. We are there from May 28th-June 5th.

  3. So are we!!!!! Can we send private messages on here?

  4. Geraldine,
    I have made my email visible for a short time on the site.
    There is a message section but I haven't been able to get it to work - a couple of people have sent me messages which couldn't be picked up

  5. I'm having so much trouble with this google blog. It's so cumbersome, keeps trying to find out more and more information. If I disappear that's why. I'll email you. My friend lives at No. 4, by the church, with roses all over the walls apparently.