Sunday, 1 May 2011

A long weekend........... this and that.

This weekend we have taken the opportunity of our  'holiday weekend' to do some work around the house and the garden.  

Here are some photographs of trees we took with our new camera - nothing to do with the post, but I like them!

Sunrise over Salt


Can you spot the woodpecker?

One of the disadvantages of having a home in Le Petit-Pressigny is that most of our holiday time is spent in France. The reason why this is a slight problem is that we rarely have any real time at home to keep on top of those essential jobs that need to be done. We both have busy jobs which demand not only long hours, but also a considerable amount of our time to be spent on work related things.

Not that we are complaining........., we enjoy what our jobs enable us to do with our lives.

One day I will post about the saga of our bathroom - but I'll wait until it is finally finished. Be prepared, it is a 3 year epic......... We do have another bathroom -just in case you are wondering!

Tom has gone back to Lancaster today, and is preparing for his exams. Needless to say he has taken with him the contents of our fridge and food cupboards!!

Hopefully Rhiannon will call in sometime today or tomorrow, with her partner Ben and their dogs Maisie and Lucy. Dogs are always so delighted to see you and aren't ever in a bad mood - unlike humans (and I count myself in here!) They sometimes leave Tim a little present on the lawn, and this is generally the cause of his 'bad mood'.


So, my plan for today is to renovate our garden benches and pot up some fuschia plants for our terrace. Watch this space..................


  1. Your camera is doing a good job, lovely photos. Yes I did find the wood pecker, but certainly would not have registered if I did not know what I was looking for! Diane

  2. I think we were lucky to spot the woodpecker as well :o)

    We took the pic about 3 weeks ago before the leaves came out.

  3. Desperately looking for the wood pecker !!! Only yesterday I bought a new camera myself: a Panasonic TZ8. What did you get? Martine

  4. Martine, the woodpecker is in the centre of the picture. You can see the white breast and a flash of red.

    We got a Canon EOS 60D, although Tim uses it a lot more than I do. I'm not really a gadget person but I have a Canon IXUS 115 which suits me (although it doesn't take 'close up' pics very well).

    I should remember the saying that 'a poor workman always blames his tools............'

    The camera you've bought gets a very good write up. A colleague has one and she is very pleased with it.