Thursday, 26 April 2012


First you see me...

now you don’t!

I hope the insects and spiders were equally as well camouflaged!

A Wheatear (I think) taken after the ploughing, but before the planting - unless you know better...


  1. Looks like a wheatear to me! Nice pictures of a shy bird.

    1. Thanks. on Tim's behalf. We were just walking along a road at the top of the hill in LP-P.

    2. We'll have to keep our eyes open... not seen a Wheatear for a long time... good capture Tim.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, but for Gaynor read Tim!

  3. We are waiting for the farmer at the back of us to plough his field. At the moment it is water logged.

  4. Eric came past today to collect for our summer firewood [we are going to see how the boiler works on giving us hot water] and he told Pauline that he hadn't been able to get his maize in yet because the tractor would just bog down.
    And more rain is forcast for tonight.... the bief [millstream] was running clear until yesterday because the fields were still soaking it up... but by this afternoon the water had gone quite cloudy... so the fields look as though they had had their fill.

  5. Lovely photos - I really had to look carefully in the second picture.
    In a previous life, I had a little house near you in a village called Lurais. It's a gorgeous, unspoilt area of France you are in and I shall be having a good look at your blog, with just a hint of nostalgia!