Sunday, 1 April 2012

Dead or Alive?

When we arrive at Le Pre Vert one of the first things we do is take a turn around the garden. Today we were keen to see the work which had been done at the bief of the Aigronne which runs along the bottom of the garden. In January we were told that work was to be carried out to cut down some of the larger trees and clear the banks. None of our trees were affected by the cull, although some plots adjoining ours have had some very large trees cut down and stacks of cut wood are in evidence.

On one of the plots a lorry was being loaded with the larger trunks. I’m sure that as we walk the area we shall see more evidence of this work.
The ‘big freeze’ seems to have taken its toll on our garden. We’ve lost a number shrubs and trees. Perhaps you can confirm our diagnosis? 


Tea on the sunny terrace…

Some things never change; Tim at work on his computer, but, if you look carefully, you can see that as a concession to being on holiday he is wearing his shorts...

We both slept better last night ( after a night at the Premiere Classe in Boulogne, who wouldn’t?)  and are looking forward to a delicious lunch with our friends John and Maureen at Le Breuil. I wonder whether  we’ll get a sneak preview of the preparations for the BIG party …


  1. Sorry to see the damage to plants from the cold....I'm not expert enough to tell whether its terminal though. We're heading south to our house in the Minervois next week, and will do a similar garden walk to check out what has happened since we were there in early February....hoping the minus 10 days didn't do too much damage. Enjoy your stay...and dont work too hard. J.

  2. Glad you got there ok but it's a shame about all the plants. We have yet to find out what has survived or not chez nous. Keep the sun shining for us !!

  3. That first walk around the garden is always one done with fingers crossed and breath held, n'est ce pas? I suspect the chances are some will survive and others, most notably the palm probably will not. It's all so much easier to take in warm weather though, isn't it?

  4. You must be so pleased to be in France, one of the first things we always do as well is take a stroll round the garden to see what has been going on. I was so sorry to see the damage The Big Freeze has inflicted on your plants. We are amazed by how little damage we suffered, everything seems to have recovered amazingly well, except maybe a magnolia.

  5. Glad to see you have arrived ok :-). Not very warm today but the sun IS shining for you!
    Sorry to see your grand froid casualties--we lost some things in pots: standard box, fuschia, lavender [but it's our own fault we didn't wrap etc] and the black bamboo is a bit battered.

  6. Have a lovely vacation! I hope to meet you at another BIG party in June in Preuilly! :) Martine