Thursday, 12 April 2012

L'Hermitage at Buzançais...

Last night we ate at L'Hermitage in Buzançais with some friends. The meal marked the end of Maureen's week long birthday celebrations - it was a very BIG birthday!! We all chose from the 28€ menu and washed it down with some Reuilly rosé wine.
The meal was delicious, and our friends, who have eaten there a few times, also sing the praises of the lunchtime 16€ menu.
I always find it difficult to describe the taste of a meal, but suffice to say it all tasted as good as it looked! After a smoked fish amuse bouche I chose the saumon fume, followed by pintade and a mountain of profiteroles filled with a duo of chocolate ice-creams. Tim went for the escargot, filet de boeuf and tarte aux pommes. Our friends were all happy with their choices too.
Some foody pics to whet your apetite, but, if you decide to visit, go hungry as the portions are generous!

I forgot to photograph that enormous mountain of profiteroles. I was too busy tucking in!
And finally, the very happy eaters!



  1. Hello Gaynor:
    How very splendid all of this looks and a very fitting end to a week long birthday celebration. Lucky Maureen!!

    Excellent food, as this clearly is, and affordable too is increasingly difficult to find in Britain. Why this should be so we are not at all sure.

    1. WOW, that was quick!
      In the UK restaurant food can be expensive and if you find good pub food it normally comes loaded with chips.

  2. Looks wonderful and and lot for your money too. A happy celebration indeed.

  3. It looks really good to me. We seldom go out in the evenings and we have a favourite truckers pub in La Rochefoucauld that we go to or the odd lunch. 6 courses with wine thrown in all for €11.50, can hardly beat that for a lunch. Diane

  4. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time. The meals do indeed look very generous and delicious.