Monday, 30 April 2012

What a weekend ...

It seems to have poured down with rain all weekend – and most of last week too! The only time it didn’t rain was when we were in and out of shops choosing carpet on Saturday morning.

Sunday was dreadful; the temperatures were low combined with torrential rain and a driving wind. All of this a world away from the beautiful weather we experienced at the end of March. Flooding is forecast for some areas as the rain washes down off the hills and into the rivers. Not even the higher than average rainfall in April can make up for the dry winter, so unless it continues to rain an extension of the water restrictions is predicted.

Tim is away this week so I’m up a bit earlier than normal to be greeted by birds singing and a beautiful blue sky.

I wonder what the day will bring? It's my duty day at school so fingers crossed that it doesn't rain...


  1. Looking at the forecasts, it doesn't look as if the weather is going to be quite so bad this coming week....hope its dry for you today. J.

  2. Hello Gaynor:
    We keep hearing of the most dreadful weather conditions in Britain. Indeed, a relative of ours telephoned last night and, in the course of everything else, said that she was in a polo neck sweater in front of the lit fire. Here it is another day of 30C.

    We do hope that it will be dry for your duty day, and take care not to fall!!

  3. The problem is the weather forecasters said something about needing a month and a half of continual rain before the drought would be over -- and so it has come to pass :-( I'm back in the UK on Thursday morning -- hope I can bring some dryer weather with me!

    Take care Gaynor -- falling is not permitted.

  4. Sunday was so awful here, 4°C and horizontal rain, more like November or February than April.
    Today has been beautiful - warm breeze and sunshine. My washing dried on the line. Goodness knows what the rest of the week will bring.
    On the one hand I keep telling myself we need the rain, but I really am fed up with it by now.

  5. Oh Duty Day at school..... that takes me back! It always seemed to rain on my duty days, but not enough to keep the children indoors like caged lions all day. Consequently there was a lot of "miss, he's splashed me" and in the end we all got rather wet and bedraggled.... but you'll know that feeling only too well, I suspect!