Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sunset over Le Louroux...

Yesterday afternoon we set out for Leroy Merlin at Chambray-les-Tours. We needed to buy the necessary bits to change a central heating radiator that was damaged during the big freeze. Our plan was to have a walk around the lake at Le Louroux on our way home.
We hit the store at 17.20 and left at 19.45 about 200€ lighter, but hopefully with everything we (Tim!) needs. There wasn’t even time to go to the building materials section to select new stone for our terrace renovations.

By the time we got back to Le Louroux the sun was setting, so our walk will happen on another day!

P.S. Tim beginning the job, only to open the packets to realise that things are not always what they seem ...


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    Oh dear DIY was never a strong point of ours....indeed, we only ever managed to create more work rather than less. We wish Tim all the best with his endeavours.

    The lake at sunset looks beautiful.....

    1. Thanks Jane and Lance.

      I think Tim will need a lot of luck! He's part way through and has already discovered that the new pipe cutter isn't fit for purpose as it cuts in a spiral!!

  2. Hello Gaynor, this |DIY does look very impressive.I'm afraid replacing a radiator would be completely beyond us. We arrived at our house in the Languedoc yesterday to find everything fine with the house following the freeze...but 2 beautiful Mimosa trees and a spectacular pineapple palm ( dont know its real name ) have died. I'm trying to be positive, in that removing the palm, which was gigantic, will give us an amazing view over the vilage.

    1. It is always sad to lose plants, especially such wonderful species. I look forward to seeing photographs of your garden. I'm sure you are enjoying re-discovering your home.