Thursday, 5 April 2012

View from a desk ...

I never like to think that Tim is quicker thinking than I am, but he was when he bagged first pick of the desks in our office! Tim’s looks on to the window and garden beyond, whereas my view is of a bookcase and … Tim! He doesn’t have a glare problem with his laptop screen but I do. Come to think of it he also has a proper office chair while I’m making do with an old director’s chair with a cushion.
His work yesterday included …

Green woodpecker

He did leave his desk to walk up the hill to photograph the mist rising over Le Petit-Pressigny. It didn't quite live up to Tim's expectations, but I like it.

I believe we should swap desks so that Tim can better concentrate on his day job. So, all I need to do now is work out exactly what to say to convince Tim! Any ideas?


  1. That is my only moan when we get the two offices upstairs here. Velux windows, so the only view will be the sky! Diane

  2. Very good pictures, I love the Jays. We have four but I can't get near enough... Bet Tim has one of those big lenses hidden in his desk... As for moving desks. Just tell him Gaynor...

  3. Hello Gaynor:
    We suggest simply swapping everything around so that, miraculously, your desk faces the window.

  4. Yes...but thinks...he, possibly, is using, as opposed to wasting, time taking photos and doing that thing that children are often accused of, which is, daydreaming...(I think the new slant on that is that they are exercising the mind!!!) ... instead of "getting on with his day job". However...I having your desk where it is, without access to possibly the window, light, nature and birdlife you cannot be accused of such behaviour, and thereby of wasting your time. Turning your back on him you remain womanly focused!!!!!! As a result you get your work done more quickly giving you TIME for other wonderful moments in life, like reading a book! or making his lunch! I jest!

  5. I don't know how much space you have -- but would it be possible to align the desks so that they are up against each other and side onto the window. That way you could both share the view -- maybe??

  6. Tim got the jump on you, that's for sure. :-)

    Lovely pics.