Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A tale of two mechoui – or muttony gluttony…


I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t resist this title!

A week or so ago we had fill of roast lamb/mutton. This isn’t a meat we eat very often, but on two consecutive days we were invited to a mechoui.


The sheep cooking on a spit.


Gathering for the welcome drink.

The first was to go with our friends John and Maureen to their village Mechoui in Le Breuil aux Gittons. It was a typical village affair but the food was plentiful and very nice. We ate in a barn on long trestle tables. These things don’t just happen and the villagers had been making preparations for some time. The meal began with an aperitif of white wine, lemon and sugar, together with some delicious hors d’oeuvres, prepared by the young people of the village at a cookery club.

This was followed by a selection of salads. Then came the spit roasted sheep with white beans. A sorbet doused with the strongest eau de vie I’ve ever tasted was followed by a range of cheeses and green salad. Finally, a dessert of flans. I chose my favourite custard one but needed Tim’s help to finish it. The wine and water were generously replenished. We stuck to water!


A short speech of thanks.

It seemed that everyone involved knew their role, from setting up to cooking, serving and clearing away. We had a great time with everyone being so kind and generous. The festivities continue on into the night with cards, boules and another meal made from the leftovers. We couldn’t stick the pace and left before the evening festivities. I’m told these ran on into the early hours, with locals back early the nest day to clear up.

This photograph is probably very misleading as no doubt the men had been heaving tables and cooking the sheep etc. prior to the meal, but the only men clearing up were Tim and John. Either we have them well trained or they’ll do anything if there is an audience!!


Washing up. I know my place! A small price to pay for such a generous shared meal.


The second mechoui was at Angles sur l’Anglin at the tearooms. Again a delicious meal finished off with a cupcake. We sat in the tea garden to watch the fantastic fireworks.



The entree…


Enjoying our meal with the chateau in the background.


The sun setting on the chateau giving a lovely pink glow.


The fireworks, lighting up the ruins.

At least it didn’t rain...


  1. Sounds wonderful...
    but shouldn't the header read "muttony gluttony"?

    And as for "mechoui"....
    it must describe the sheep...
    "me chewy"!

    But somehow, I don't think it would have been.

  2. I shall change it, forthwith!

  3. Tim. Hide the bathroom scales, for quiet life...

  4. Wow that souds like an amazing two days. I love Angles sur l’Anglin so that must have been superb with the view as well. Have a good day Diane

    1. It's one of my favourite places to visit. In fact we went again, yesterday!!