Monday, 18 August 2014

Quelle surprise - a full nest…...

It seems that Tim and I have raised a pair of deceitful children!  Before you worry too much on our behalf, it all happened in a good cause.

Rhiannon and her partner Stuart are visiting. Saturday was meant to be a ‘zoo’ day, but we were baffled when they didn’t seem in a rush to leave. Plans then changed and they decided to go to Tours to ‘visit a cathedral’. Tim and I set off to the Brico and came back via the Comice Agricole at Le Grand Pressigny. We fully intended to go back to look at some of the events, but something happened to throw our plans into disarray!

We’d just eaten a late lunch when we heard the car arrive back. My immediate thoughts were that Tours didn’t live up to expectations, or that they’d found the large shops on the outskirts and decided to explore no further.

Just as I was grilling Stuart about where they’d been I had the shock of my life. In walked our son, Tom. The same Tom who we understood to have travelled from Japan, where he lives and works, to Hong Kong for his holiday. Instead he’d travelled from Kagoshima to Tokyo to Doha to Paris to Tours, to be collected by Rhiannon from the train station.

I have NEVER been more surprised or delighted. Even Tim, who for once wasn’t in on the surprise, was in complete shock.

Judge for yourself…
Not my best look!


Stuart, the birthday boy.


There is a video...

So for the next few days my empty nest will be full.


  1. What a wonderful surprise! Marvellous!
    I foresee a week full of and happiness..........enjoy!

  2. We can but second Jean's comment... T&P

  3. When the tears stop I'll write a sensible comment... but for now, that's the loveliest thing I've heard/seen in a long time!

    Well done to your two brilliant children! I suppose they know they've inherited all their best ideas from their wonderful parents??

  4. What a superb surprise :-)!! Enjoy your full nest.

  5. How wonderful! Half way around the world without anyone letting on. Lovely!

  6. So happy for you! Have fun!!

  7. I knew there would be weeping all over the boy :-) Well done them for surprising you both in such a nice way.

  8. What a fabulous surprise. Have a wonderful time. xxxx

  9. Fabulous , what a huge surprise .. have a wonderful time together.