Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday night is moules night…

…at Le Bon Coin. Well, last week it was. The evening had been arranged by our neighbours Rieja and Len. I think initially Rieja was expecting about 25 diners but over 40 signed up. Le Bon Coin is a very different sort of restaurant to La Promenade, the Michelin starred restaurant opposite. However, the prices are also very different, and, it has to be said, we’ve always enjoyed a good meal at each one.

The moules + frites were plentiful,hot, delicious and an absolute bargain at 10 Euros, washed down by litre carafe (not all for me, I did share!) of a very pleasant rose wine at 4.50.

The food didn’t last long enough to photograph, but I did manage some of our French, Dutch and English friends and neighbours. I think there might be at least one Canadian there, too!



Tonight our friends John and Maureen have signed us up for another Moules event at L’Auberge de la Gabriere, in the Brenne. This is altogether a much bigger affair, especially if last year is anything to go by.


  1. I love Rieja's pictures....
    she has a wonderful eye for what materials work together!

    Two moules-frites in quick succession...
    careful, all that seafood so far in land...
    Salmon chanted evening you'll be wanting to swim in the Aigronne!!
    I'd better clam up now!

  2. Good morning, Tim F. You certainly don't shrimp on the puns!

    Your appetite for them only just exceeds Tim B's appetite for moules.

  3. It may not be the thyme and plaice....
    but it is one of my worse halibuts!!

  4. No need to ask if you are having a good time....looks great Jx

  5. Certainly a different life Gaynor. Any night would be Moules night for me , and what a great price too and with wine , just my sort of night.