Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Through the keyhole (2)

Would you put a door like this…


…on a house like this?



  1. There's no accounting for taste and this illustrates precisely why we have rejected so many houses in our recent house hunting adventure.
    Whilst a house may have a good roof and be "tout à l'egout" it may not need serious renovation, but changing all the doors and getting the floral wallpaper off the ceiling can add up to an awful lot of work and expense!

  2. Our neighbours have the same front door on their's BUT it is a modern house. You see such a lot of house pictures on Leboncoin ( Yes I still look) of very old houses with ultra modern interiors. We don't like that look at all... C

  3. No. And why does the whole of Europe have those awful pseudo Georgian doors - the one's with the demi lune fanlight?