Thursday, 7 August 2014

Trekking around Monteboeuf…

Yesterday saw the TT (Touraine Trekkers) event around the hamlet of Monteboeuf. In fact, the walk involved the neighbouring hamlets and went nearly as far as Viq-sur-Gartempe. The terrain was gentle with little in the way of traffic to negotiate. The conditions, although cooler, were a little humid and cloudy. As it was spotting with rain, there were no takers for the offered extension along the river. Either that, or after nearly two hours the call of the pooled lunch was a bit too strong!


Simon, Dennis and Sam.




Our destination.




Finishing off with tea and coffee

Our hosts for the walk were Chris and Sally, who made us all very welcome, even managing to find 18 chairs. They were ably assisted in the preparations by Becky, Paul and Pauline.

The lunch was a veritable feast. Starting with nibbles, courgette dip and tomatillo salsa, washed down with a variety of drinks including a sparking Chateau Gaudrelle Vouvray and La Renaudie.

Our main course was a selection of quiches, hams, cheeses, and salads, followed by a magnificent cherry and almond tart, strawberry tart and flapjacks.

The lunch turned into a tea party as the rain fell.We were the last to leave at 4pm! The walks are a super opportunity to walk and talk with a number of different people, keep fit (or at least fitter than if one didn’t walk!)


  1. Ahhh, the good - and healthy - life. No rain here, though. For once we're enjoying nice sunny weather, while la Touraine is covered in clouds. Can't say I'm glad to be here, because I need to work. But the sun helps! Have fun :).

    1. Thanks, Martine.

      I was a bit grateful for the cloud, but not for the rain! You're right, even work is better in the sunshine.

      Will you be visiting La Touraine next year?

  2. How lovely.
    Wish we had been there, you all obviously had a great time.

    1. We wish you could have been with us. I'm sure Lulu would have liked to lead the way!

  3. What a stunning view from that terrace, even in the rain. And we managed to redistribute some vegetables, too!

    1. I think the view sold them the buildings and brought about ten years of hard labour. However we and they think it was worth everything. Thanks for the courgettes. Chris cut his lengthways and barbecued them with some marinade on them. He said they were delicious.

  4. We thoroughly enjoyed it...
    even if Pauline and I didn't do the walk.
    The "quickies" were great... as were the puds!!
    And great hosts.

  5. You are always welcome to come for the social part. You're right, super hosts.

  6. It really was a great day! And perfect weather for walking. Shame about the rain later, but it certainly didn't dampen our spirits. Thanks again to Sally and Chris for their hospitality and to you, Gaynor, for the organisation. Colin was particularly impressed with the TT signs!!

  7. I think Colin needs new spectacles. Are you sure he wasn't wearing your again?