Monday, 16 March 2015

J Day-2 Trains and tube and planes…

Japan Day -2

At Stafford station. Thanks to our lovely daughter for dropping us off.

At least my porter can now take advantage of the priority seating on the tube!


Not exactly a room with a view, unless you like planes.




30 minutes later, Tim having his afternoon nap. Anyone would think that lugging two 23kg cases on the Victoria and Picadilly lines to Heathrow is tiring!


Check out the TV screen in the bathroom! I’m planning my evening viewing - from the bath. No. I won’t be watching Deal or No Deal!!!


We decided that for ease tomorrow morning we would stay at the hotel at Heathrow T5. When we arrived at the Sofitel reception we found that we’d been selected as guests of the day, with an upgraded luxury room, and free breakfast. Our personal concierge, Clifford, will on hand to help. Tim is convinced that they tell everyone this, but I am happy to believe that I am a princess for the day ;o).


Just to prove that I am a princess for the day Room Service has just arrived with these…



It would surely be churlish to point out that they haven’t quite got the name right!


  1. You so deserve it! Have a wonderful time -- I'm really looking forward to hearing all about it! How Plush...

  2. It's advisable for the over sixty's to take the occasional afternoon nap......!!
    Well done for posting so soon, looking forward to keeping up with you.

  3. Make the most of that TV control in the bath tonight, when you get to Japan where it is customary to bath together you may be fighting for it!!! Don't work that porter to hard will you!! C

  4. I stay at the Sofitel T5 whenever I have an early morning flight from LHR and I can confirm that they do not do this for everyone - you did indeed receive special treatment. If that isn't a good omen for a wonderful trip, I don't know what is!

    1. PS - and enjoy those fancy electronic toilets in Japan hotel bathrooms. I've wanted one ever since.

  5. I would like to put on record that, in addition to the two suitcases, I was also carrying two pieces of hand luggage! (TimB)

  6. Oh Tim! At your age you want to be careful you don't pull something..... and I'm not talking 'fit young blonde', here!! (E)