Thursday, 26 March 2015

J Day +8 Tsuwano with Japanese dinner and breakfast

We are now in western Honshu, the main island, but chose Tsuwano which is in the central mountains and off the beaten track. Tsuwano is a very traditional place with lots of old Samurai houses and shrines, one of which is the 5th most important in Japan.

Our hotel was a traditional ryokan with Tatami matting throughout. When you eat dinner the rooms are serviced and the futons put out.

The meals were traditional Japanese fare with many dishes. Our servers were very helpful and tried to explain,with their very limited English and our virtually non existent Japanese, what things were and how to cook it on our personal burners. We tried everything, although some things were more to our liking than others.



More pics to follow. These were taken with my iPad, so when I download from my camera there are better shots.

We are nearly in Hiroshima where we stay for 3 nights with plans to visit Miyajima Island and Shrine and the Peace Park and Atomic Dome.

Watch this space....


  1. That fish looks very tasty... but possibly a bit bony...
    it has an air of Red Mullet about it.
    On our shelves of cookbooks is a Time Life book...
    The Cooking of Japan...
    very little used... very-very little used...
    remind us to give it to you when you return.

  2. Wow, the food looks amazing and so beautifully presented. Always fancied visiting Japan, maybe one day.

    1. It is certainly worth the flight. The £ is very high against the Yen. Not sure about the Euro,

  3. It all looks perfectly delicious. How do you find having to cook on your own burners? When I was in Korea, I was glad my daughter-in-law was there to take care of all of that!

    1. Ego od morning from Japan, Broad.
      The cooking wasn't too bad, but we didn't know what should be cooked and what shouldn't! The photographs only show a fraction of the food and dishes on offer. I must say that As a cereal ot toast person I found eatin rice, fish, salad and pickles for breakfast very strange!

    2. That should say'good morning' ...

  4. The food looks delicious, and not too scary, how lovely to be able to sample it in lovely surroundings and traditional customs.