Saturday, 21 March 2015

J Day +3 A day of contrasts...

As Tom is working we have to occupy ourselves during the day. After a leisurely get up and doing a few jobs around the house we set off for a walk along the beach. Fukiage is about ten minutes drive from the coast and is an area of natural beauty with the beach and a cycle and walking path set behind the sand dunes. There is a large park area, and in the summer a pool complex and cafe.

We walked for a couple of miles along the beach where quite a few old people were collecting shellfish. 
We were amazed to see the quantity of plastic rubbish washed up on to the beach which the local Japanese says comes from China! Parts of the beach are cleaned but from the quantity there it is probably an impossible job. 

The pebbles are obviously made of volcanic material and as we walked I collected some shells, pumice and a beautiful piece of drift wood.

We were amazed at the end of the beach walk to see a large bridge built across an inlet for us by bicycles and walkers. Tom thinks the bridge was built in the economic 'good times' for Japan.

The beach is framed by mountains and is certainly an area of outstanding beauty. Our journey back to the park area was along the cycle path.

Back to Fukiage in time for a cup of tea, change of clothes and then we were picked up and taken to Kagoshima city for a meal with four of the Japanese teachers of English that Tom works with. We went to a Yakatori restaurant called the 'Gourmand Pomme'. The food was delicious if a little different.

The starter was very French, followed by several courses of chicken served different ways. They were very careful not to say what part of the chicken we were eating until we had sampled it. Some bits were nicer than others. Chicken heart, neck and anus were not my favourites! Our hosts were kind and generous.

Kagoshima is a small city but still glitzy enough to have a large Ferris wheel on top of the station! I think we will be going back into the city tomorrow on our way to Sakurajima which is the most active volcano in the world. Tim is hoping for an eruption.

We shall see...

Photographs to follow.


  1. The only eruptions will be from you for eating all those wierd chicken bits!!
    I prefer the things that come out of a chickens back end...
    wrapped in a shell!!
    I will eat the rest of the bird... and there is a surprising amount of meat on a neck... that usually ends up in the soup. As do the heart, kidneys, etc.
    But never the liver... that is for my favourite rissotto!
    You sound as though you are really enjoying yourselves!!
    I look forward to the picture posts...
    when you get online in the most technically advanced country in the world...

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  3. I'll pass on the chicken anus, thank you! It's lovely to hear what you are experiencing and we look forward to the photos! xxx

  4. Interesting food, not sure about the anus either x

  5. I knew the Japanese were fond if not wasting food but chicken bottoms? No thanks!