Sunday, 22 March 2015

J Day +5 The first cherry blossom of the season...

Today we visited the southern tip of Japan, on the Island of Kyushu. As we head north tomorrow for three weeks of travel around Japan it was our last chance to see the Sakura (cherry blossom) in this region. It usually starts here in mid to late March and works its way north. 

Guess what? We saw the first bloom; not in enormous quantities and not the wonderful show that will be expected in a day or so but nevertheless it was there!

Photographs will be resized next week.

Can I also say that I shall be reading and commenting on blogs again next week. The gadget only works intermittently so I an tethering to Tom's mobile from my iPad at the moment. Hopefully normal service using my laptop will return soon....


  1. The cherry blossom en masse must be an incredible sight. At least you got to see some of it and you are obviously enjoying warm weather, which is more than can be said for us! Safe travels northwards and we look forward to the next installment! xx

    1. I think it will be spectacular and the weather thus far has been warm and sunny in the day but cool in the evenings.

      However on the top of a mountain today it was decidedly chilly. In fact freezing!

  2. I am really enjoying your reports on your Japanese trip. Quite by coincidence we finallyl hung up our framed print of Monet's Japanese cherry blossoms! When we lived in Paris, we made sure we went to see the blossoms in Parc de Sceaux. Unforgettable each time.

  3. Thanks. Hopefully I'll get some photographs of the full display.

    Japan has been an eye-opener for me. If my son didn't live here it wouldn't have been on my 'list', but what a loss that would have been. The scenery is simply stunning and as the £ is trading high against the Japanese Yen ¥ it is relatively cheap.

    I'm sure you will enjoy your print and the memories you have of the Parc de Sceaux.

  4. Your trip brings back many happy memories of business trips to Japan over the years. Even in the middle of the madness which is Tokyo, it was possible to sit in a park and take in the incredible blossom. I hope the weather keeps up for you!

  5. Lucky lucky you! For many years I lived in Washington, DC and was able to see the wonderful explosion of cherry blossom there every Spring. The cherry trees were a gift to the nation from the Japanese government. Love your pictures -- it all looks so very beautiful and magical, too.