Saturday, 21 March 2015

J Day +4 Sakurajima...

I think I might have mislead you yesterday into believing that Sakurajima is the most active volcano in the world, but it is the most active in Japan. Whatever, Sakurajima performed for us yesterday, roaring and sending clouds of black ash into the sky which rained down on us as we watched in amazement. 

Sakurajima is a 15 minute ferry ride from Kagoshima city. It was at one time an island, but in the large eruption of 1904 billions of tons of lava filled up the sea between Sakurajima and the mainland so connecting it to the mainland. It is possible to drive around the volcano and the view is very different.

More photographs to follow...


  1. Wonderful photo..and such a great experience you are having. It must be supportive to have an experienced local guide!

  2. Crikey, didn't you feel just a little bit nervous?