Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Au Fil de l'Aigronne ..............

When we last visited Le Petit-Pressigny at Whitsun, we noticed some new signs advertising chambres d'hôtes in the centre of the village.

Au Fil de l'Aigronne is run by Valérie and Loïc Bobon and the rooms look stylish and comfortable, and the prices very reasonable. It is situated just opposite to both of the restuarants in the village,  La Promenade and Le Bon Coin. The restuarants are very different, as are their prices, but we have had an excellent meal at each one.

Check out their website by following the link above  - it is in French and English.


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    We are always pleased to have recommendations such as these since one never knows when one might be in the area.

    We have never visited this particular part of France but, who knows...and when we do, your tips will be most useful. Thank you!

  2. We live about a 2 minute walk away, so if ever you are in the area let us know. For now the offer is only open during school holidays, but one day .................

  3. Is that the building for the B&B Gaynor or is it just being used for the advertisement. Inside it looks quite sylish.

  4. Arh yes French restuarants..... my idea of a blissful way to eat lunch. They have such a great attitude to taking time and savouring food. My idea of bliss.

  5. Hi Craig,

    I don't think my photograph does it justice. The main entrance is along the side of the building and it is very nice. The view I took is along the road frontage.

    I agree the inside does look stylish. I think (but am not absolutely certain) that the current owners have bought and done some renovaations within the past year or so, as I think it was for sale when we bought in 2009.

  6. Hi Mandy,

    I completely agree, and at most 'lunch places' you can get a 4 course meal, with wine, for about 11 Euros. A McDonalds probably costs about 8 Euros!!!