Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Out with the old ............. and in with the new!

Over the past couple of years plans had been made to change the position of the Mairie and Post Office in Le Petit-Pressigny. New laws mean that both need to be accessible to disabled and less mobile people.

As you can see from the photographs, both have steps to climb in order to enter the buliding.
The old Mairie and Post Office at the side.

Last summer the new Mairie and Post Office opened adjacent to the Salle des Fetes. There was a celebration, speeches, nibbles and a vin d'honneur. A lot of the village turned out to mark the occasion.
The new Mairie and Post Office

The Salle des Fetes

There are discussions going on about what the old Mairie, which is a lovely old building, should be used for.

Any suggestions?


  1. Your new house?! I like the new building as it is sympathetic to the style of traditional properties.

  2. For "Art'n'Lard" last year, they used it as a gallery... G-Pressigny has art regularly displayed, so why not P-Pressigny. The lass at the "straw" house is a pretty fine illustrator [in the monastical/calligraphic style], so there is one for a start.... then I'll need somewhere to display my photgraphs until we get this barn cleared! Hmmm!!

  3. The old building is gorgeous! It might make a good Auberge de Jeunesse?

    I hope you are enjoying your time here. Tomorrow is Ascension then we faire le pont Friday and so the girls have four days off!

    Hugs and quiches from Kitty x

  4. It is a beautiful building, how about a first class restaurant. Diane

  5. Craig,
    I don't think so....... we are still paying for our house, and besides moving costs in France are extortionate!!

    Still I think you're right, it could make someone a nice house.... or.......

  6. Tim,

    A gallery is a good idea, for exhibitions and also where local artists (and photographers!) could display some of their work, with contact details. A sort of permanent Art'n'Lard.

    We haven't managed to be here for this as yet. It's in October, and not centred around a school holiday.

    Perhaps we'll look at Ryan Air again.........

  7. Hi Kitty,

    Another good idea!

    Enjoy your 'long weekend'.

    I think we're off to a local brocante today. Weather cloudy and cool. We've had a lovely relaxing time and don't want to go back!!

  8. Hi Diane,

    Funny you should suggest that...........there is an excellent Michelin* restaurant about 200m away, run by a chef called Jacky Dallais.

    Hope you enjoyed your UK visit.

  9. How about a shop where local 'artisans' can sell their creations? Or a wine and delicatessen shop?

  10. I like the ideas. All of which would be of benefit to local people.

    Le Petit-Pressigny is very small, but has a boulangerie and a boucherie/charcuterie already.

  11. I hope they put the old building to good use.
    Just reading your previous post. Didn't know cherries were grown in France. I'm just writing a story about a cherry picker. I enjoyed your post and that pastry is going to be fabulous.

    Only a couple of weeks and we'll be in the Dordogne!