Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The cherry pickers at Le Pre Vert ............

The exceptional weather in the Indre et Loire (and indeed all over France) this year meant that our cherries were ripe when we last visited at Whitsun. Last year at this time they hadn't ripened, and by the time we returned at the end of July they were long gone! I wrote about this, and what I did with this year's cherries, in an earlier post.

However, we did wonder who or what had been eating the cherries. We suspected birds, so Tim conducted a surveillance operation ................

** from Google images**

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No wonder the squirrels are red!!!


  1. I think squirrels are some of the cutiest creatures ever ... and smart too!

  2. Hello Gaynor:
    Well, who would have thought squirrels? Not wishing to depress you further, but we have been enjoying the most wonderful sweet cherries from the market whilst the sour ones, which go by a different name, are used to make a cold summer soup - equally delicious.

  3. Martine,
    I agree cute to look at, but probably not so cute if you find them in your attic! We haven't but a friend did, and you'd be very surprised at what they eat..... besides cherries!!

  4. Jane and Lance,
    Enjoy the cherries......... we ate our fill at Whitsun. the sweet cherries were delicious.

    Cherry soup,now that does sound interesting ......

  5. Thankfully we have no squirrels (yet) around here, but we do have the Fat Dormouse which zaps his share!! Diane

  6. As you say. cute to look at and very smart (too smart by half) but not a welcome visitor. I haven't seen a red one since we left France, only grey.

  7. The red squirrels have been at our cherries too... and the blackbirds, jays, goldfinches, just form an orderly queue! We lost a lot of cherries to the wind as well.

  8. Still, think of how you would need to enlarge your store cupboard, if the animals didn't take their share!