Friday, 24 June 2011

Château de Dissay ...........

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about our visit to Brico Dépôt near Chatellerault. You can read about it here. On the way home we stopped at Dissay to look at the château. As we were there around lunchtime we stopped at the local boulangerie to by a sandwich (baguette jambon sec to be precise), and decided to eat it in the shade of a beautiful tree just outside the moat. As we were munching away we heard a terrific noise which Tim went to investigate.

If you read Niall and Antoinette's post earlier this week, in their Chez Charnizay blog, you will have guessed both where the noise was coming from, and the animal making the noise.

Either my eyes are getting old, or the photograph isn't as clear as it could be because I can't spot a frog! Perhaps you can? 

Dissay is in the department of the Vienne (86). The château rises high above the bank of the Clain River. It was built in the 15th century by Pierre d'Amboise, Bishop of Poitiers, and then enlarged in the 18th century. A water-filled moat surrounds the château and is home to an army of frogs. We could only make out a handful camouflaged as they were by the plants.

As is usual for us we arrived when the château was closed for lunch, and as we had been invited to visit friends later in the afternoon, we didn't have the time to wait. The château and grounds deserve a longer visit so we plan to return and properly explore the town and local area.


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    One of the great pleasures of living, or spending much time, abroad is the discovery of new and previously unknown places like this remarkable chateau. It certainly looks to be well worth a return visit.

    Have a really happy and relaxed weekend, whichever country you happen to be in.

  2. I thought the chateau was privately owned and not open to the public - I'm glad to hear we can look around it - we shall put it on our list of things to do in July!!

  3. Hi Jean,
    Here is a link with some opening times.

  4. Hi Jane,

    .... and there are lots of chateaux in the Loire Valley and surrounding area!

  5. Them frogs have a lot to answer for! :-)

  6. They do!

    I'm sitting at my computer doing my class teacher reports, but getting distracted by emails coming in...........

    All I can say is 'keep 'em coming'!!!

  7. PS may need some lessons in how to take good frog photos. Think I was too far away.... they were a long way down!

  8. There are three in the middle... two green ones [facing E and W] and a brown one facing SSW.

  9. Your eyes are better than mine Tim!

    I think it is because I posted a version of the picture which was modified to make it upload - or something like that!Thanks, I'll check it out.