Saturday, 18 June 2011

Looking forward ................

Work is really busy at present with reports, finishing off of this year and planning for next.

At this time of year I usually feel a bit tired, fraught and stressed and my thoughts turn to the forthcoming holidays. This year our holiday will be a bit fragmented by circumstances, and it means that I/we will travel out to Le Petit-Pressigny a couple of times during the school holidays. 

We have so many things that we would like to do when we are there. Some are simple like enjoying the sun, terrace and garden, we want to explore the local area and venture further afield. So many of my blogging friends have flagged up, through their blogs, places that are really worth visiting. Some are on the tourist map and others are just beautiful 'ordinary' places with a tale to tell.

Then there are the jobs that need to be done! When we had our apartment all of the outside paintwork and common parts were looked after by our syndicat. Each year there was a meeting, and it was decided what should be done and the cost was split amongst the apartment holders. Now we are 'on our own'!!

So we have decided on a rolling programme of tasks to be undertaken each year. Some we will have done for us by local workers, as our way of contributing to the local community, and others we will do ourselves. So this summer we will make a start on windows and shutters. As we have 11 sets of french windows/doors, it will be a bit like painting the Forth Bridge!!

Just some of the windows and shutters!

But do you know what? I can't wait.............


  1. I know the feeling well. We have been restoring since 2006 and it never ends. Sometimes I would really like to explore, or lie in the sun, but it seldom happens. All my exploration only seems to happen when I drive to Limoges and try to give myself time to stop off at places en route. Lucky there are many ways to go to Limoges!!! Don't work too hard :-) Diane

  2. Are you planning on painting all of those windows and shutters yourselves Gaynor? It'll be a lot of work. Go on... hire a painter and use the extra time to buy and drink wine.

  3. Diane,

    We have little to do by way of restoration, although keeping up with natural wear will be a full time holiday job - if that makes sense!

    Our main bathroom is rather a monument to the 1970's, but we will tackle that when we retire.

  4. Craig,

    We'll certainly make a start...... We are rather hoping friends will want to use our house when we aren't there and do the odd bit of painting for us!

    As Tim doesn't drink wine, perhaps I could persuade him to do the painting while I take on the onerous task of buying and then drinking the wine!! :o)

  5. Yeah getting a man in is the answer or Tim, just as long as you sit and direct with helpful comments like... 'you've missed a bit'I'm sure your contribution will be valued!!

  6. Mandy,

    My mother used to do that and it drove Tim mad!

    I'm better to bake, relax and go out shopping for those essential things to pretty the place up - come to think about it, they drive him mad too :O)

  7. Hello:
    We can well imagine that you are now counting the hours to the start of the holidays and your escape to France. What a beautiful part of the country in which to have a house and we do so hope that you will allow yourself time to roam as well as catch up on household tasks.

    We are so pleased to have found you through your visit to us and are delighted to return the compliment of following.

  8. Jane and Lance,
    Thank you. I look forward to reading more about your travels.
    Best wishes

  9. From the picture that looks like a very nice property and.. lots of shutters to paint. Hey I will paint for lodging!!

  10. Hi Jane,
    That could be arranged......... there are lots and lots and lots of windows and shutters!!