Friday, 3 June 2011

Ferrière-Larçon .........

 Yesterday we went a few kilometres up the road to the village of Ferrière-Larçon. This was our first visit, although we have passed through many times, but always on our way to or from somewhere else, and often in a hurry.

They were holding a brocante and vide grenier with plans for 200 stalls. By the time we arrived at about 10am it was very busy. We were so engrossed that I forgot to take any photographs!! However, I'm sure other bloggers wll be better organised.

We fell into the old trap of seeing something that we wanted to buy on a stall, walking off to 'think about it' and returning to find that someone else had been quicker to make up their mind. I'm a Libran....... (although I don't believe, I show some key characteristics!)

I am into 'knife and fork rests'! They probably have a special name. I rarely use them, but I am fascinated. Although I'm not by nature a collector, I think I could start with these.

Anyway, there was a stall with some pretty white chicken ones and also some glass 'sausage-dog' shaped ones but I thought there might be some better ones elsewhere, hence my hesitation. I didn't find any others - isn't that always the way? The chicken ones were long gone!

My friend Sally has some cut glass ones she found at Yzeures-sur-Creuse, a bit like these....

We once had dinner at a French home and they had some silver ones.....

Mine, in comparison, are very ordinary....

We will go back to Ferrière-Larçon to explore as I think there is so much to see. On our way back to the car we noticed a marked trail and managed to visit one of the viewpoints.

La Fontaine  Saint- Mande

*click  to enlarge.

The well was a place of pilgrimage and the waters were thought to cure fevers, rickets and an unhealthy pallor.  In earlier times, young women would go there for help in their search of a husband! Nowadays the waters are not for drinking!


  1. Maybe it's just me but I prefer your white ones with the flowers - they're lovely.
    Did you learn nothing from my blog post regarding losing out on the brocante foxgloves because we dithered?! :)

  2. Sounds like a great place to explore. Sometimes it is hard to make up your mind if you want to buy or not, but the brocante would be fun.

  3. Craig,
    I did learn - honestly - and even left you a reply but it has somehow disappeared into the ether of your blog!
    Perhaps it's an age thing!

  4. It was Jane.
    I also had the most amazing chocolate and pistachio ice cream, which took away some of the pain of losing the chickens!