Sunday, 5 June 2011

Delicious food .......good company.......what else is necessary?

Yesterday we were invited to lunch by our friends John and Maureen who live in the small hamlet of Le Breuil aux Gittons, just outside Chatillion-sur-Indre. Julia and Chris joined us.

John and Maureen have been good friends for about 25 years – is it really that long? About 8 years ago they bought their home in Le Breuil and in that time have completely transformed the property and land with some thoughtful and highly skilled renovations. They have a gite which they rent out - more about this in a future post when I sort the photographs.

Poppy looking on from a safe distance.

Life is full of coincidences,  Chris and Julia, who also live near Chatillion, know the area where I was brought up very well. Chris once lived a couple of miles away and actually worked in Tredegar. Isn't it a small world.............................

I thought I'd post a selection of pics which capture a little bit about our lunch. What they don't do is fully reflect the wonderful relaxing time we all had, and how good  both the food and company were.

We started with some

and a glass of

Our entrée, 

followed by,

Then we has a delicious tiramisu and a taster of my cherry and almond  clafoutis which I posted about here.

To finish we had coffee and mints. What a delightful way to spend a summer afternoon!

As usual after a long lunch a gentle stroll through the lanes. Maureen and Julia trying to hide from the camera......

Where did they get those hats?

Chris has a liking for old carts and there were plenty to see here.......


  1. That looks like a grand time Gaynor. Nothing better than sun, good food, wine and friends. Lovely! Your clafoutis looks and sounds delicious. Mmmm cherry and almond - a great combination.

  2. What a jolly group you are! Btw, love the hats and the shorts! :)

  3. Craig,
    People seeded to like it. My trouble is that for all sorts of reasons I rarely follow a recipe exactly, and then find it hard to re-create. I always think that I will remember the details, but invariably I don't.
    Another age thing........

  4. Martine,
    Don't encourage them!!!